Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bought in June

Today I finally come around to blogging the flea market bargains I found in June. All in all I was quite satisfied with my first flea market in months. I mainly bought sewing supplies: buttons that I hope to use for a little knitted jacket for little M, a horrible 70s house dress whose fabric I want to turn into a little blouse or dress and a pretty sequined bow appliqué. And, my personal favorite, an old photo album. For the collection. Because I don´t have enough old pictures of complete strangers. But it was cheap and many of the photos are fantastic so I couldn´t resist! Not pictured is the massive sunburn I got for free.

So far July was budget friendly. Instead of melting at a flea market I made a bigger investment in the ice cream department ;). Do you skip flea markets when it´s too hot or are you heat resistant?