Saturday, January 31, 2015

Getrödelt Gefunden Gefreut: February

It´s the first day of the month, so it´s time for a little show and tell :). This time I want to share with you a little something I bought online. You know where. Here it is:

Amazing, right? ;) It doesn´t look like it but this is a photoalbum. From the 40s. Filled with pictures of a group of student nurses dating from 1941-1943 in various situations at university, in the forest, at the front and also some pictures of their lives after war. All in all it contains around 80 pictures and I probably paid a little bit more than I would have if I had seen all the photos. But it´s a nice addition to my collection and at one point I will upload the whole thing to my tumblr for everyone to enjoy.

Oh look, a little thief photo assistant.

Girls day out in the forest.

The "bigamist", as the note says.
I wish there were more informations on this ;)

"Going home"

The last picture shows photos of "Ulla im Feld", probably at a field hospital, and after having watched several documentaries about WWII and its horrible field hospitals I wonder how she handled her war experiences and how the other student nurses got through war. I actually had hoped to find more field photography in the book, but these were the only two.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Aaaand it´s 2015!

Wow, how did that happen? I still remember writing last years first post and it feels like it was only yesterday. 2014 was a mostly great but stressful year for us at Pennyland (it's like Graceland, but without the money and the fame and Elvis), after all little M will already be one year old in two months.

I'm not a person for new years resolutions. I think if you want to change somehing about your life you can do it any time of the year. But my goal for 2015 clearly is to go back to healthier eating habits. With all the stress that comes with a baby, a job and household work it's so easy to end up in the cookie trap. The sweet, sugary cookie trap. Because it's much easier to open a package and eat a cookie with one hand than to wash and eat an apple. And let me tell you, there were eaten a lot of cookies over the last 10 months. And chocolate. And other sugary stuff.

I wish you a fantastic 2015, full of health, love and happiness. Do you have any goals for the new year?