Thursday, September 4, 2014

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut: September

Hello and welcome to a new month of thrifted-goods-sharing! (I actually started writing this post for last months GGG but little M got her first tooth and it haven´t been weeks of unicorns and rainbows!)
I have to stretch the GGG rules a bit because the vintage piece I want to show today has been in our possession for 2 years already. But the story behind it is just to good to not share. The story also includes the whole furniture for a bedroom, of which we own some pieces, too, but I want to focus on this piece of furniture for now.

In 1945 the appartment of the Mr.s great-grandmother, a professional seamstress, was bombed out. Rumor has it that she lost everything but her sewing machine that was rescued from the ruins by an american soldier (movie material!). So, basically, she had no furniture. And off to the black market she was. She got all those cupboards AND her complete bedroom furniture for, hold your hats, two cartons of cigarettes. How crazy is that? Naturally it has some flaws due to its age but also due to material weakness. Iron screws were obviously hard to get in 1945 (as was pretty much everything) so the maker went with brass screws that are rather soft and lose their shape easily. Building this thing up wasn´t easy. And as you can see in the first picture we have to replace one of the glass panels.

When I first met the Mr.s great-grandmother, a wonderful little lady (little M got her middle name from her), she was already in her mid-90s. And when I first entered her living room it was love at first sight. The rounded corner? Oh my, so cool. And the glass sliding doors reminded me of a little cupboard my grandparents had owned and that I  loved when I was a kid. When she passed away two years ago I couldn´t stand the thought of her beautiful furniture becoming firewood. At that time we were still living in a tiny appartment with absolutely no room for anything. So what should we do? We had to make a very quick decision and ended up storing everything in the cellar of somebody my in-laws know. Last year we moved and had the perfect corner for our inherited furniture. Although I have to admit that it looked better in the old ladies small, cosy, all white and pale appartment.

The best thing about it? It hides so much of our mess. And it gives us the possibility to display things without having to dust everything off every week. It´s also pretty childproof as even I have a hard time opening the doors without the keys ;) And there´s lots of room for plants.

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