Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fräulein M

from my own collection

Look who found a minute for blogging! Life has been busy, I can tell you. 4 days after my last post little Miss M* finally arrived around lunchtime. Until then the words "induced labour" were spoken more than once but in the end everything happened naturally. I promised not to talk about baby stuff too much, so I won´t go into detail. I just want to mention that I had a rather relaxed, luckily unmedicated birth, not even 12 hours of labour and that everything they tell you about that moment when you see your baby for the first time is absolutely true. You instantly forget that you were in horrible pain just minutes ago. And no matter what your little human being looks like, it´s the cutest thing ever. Hormones are a crazy thing!

Our first month with the little one was "challenging", to say the least. If she wasn´t sleeping she was screaming and nothing could calm her down. And after four weeks we found out that nursing just didn´t make her full. Not even a little bit. She´s now bottle-fed and a happy happy baby with the brightest, cutest smile. We call her the very hungry caterpillar.

At the moment I can´t say when I´ll be back to blogging more frequently but I´ll try to share a magazine or a DIY project once in a while. And while mentioning DIY, I had talked about that 1940s maternity dress in my last post, right? Well, I didn´t finish it. Of course. But the other day I stumbled upon a wonderful little blog called Betsy´s Baby where you can see more than just one cute maternity dress made from vintage patterns and worn by an actual expecting lady.

Until I have to offer some real content I´ll leave you with this picture of a fabulous toddler :). Read you soon, ladies!

from my own collection

*Fräulein M shares her name with that one famous german actress of the golden era. You know which one ;)