Saturday, November 2, 2013

Praktische Damen- und Kindermode 10/1941

It´s finally time for a new old scanned magazine! This time a summer issue of Praktische Damen- und Kindermode from 1941 that I love very, very, very much. So many of the summer dresses are beautiful beyond words, I´m already looking forward to next summer!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut - November

Oh my, time flies.
As it´s the first of the month and I finally found some time to take some pictures AND to blog about something this one is for GGG over at Beswingtes Allerlei.
This time I decided to share a piece of furniture that´s been in my possession for at least a decade but didn´t make it into our appartment till last week when my dad brought it over with some other cool stuff.
I present you: My first piece of vintage furniture.

I can´t remember exactly when I got this. But I do remember that my father helped clean out my great-grandparents appartment after they both had passed away and somehow he must have thought "The kid might like that one." We both have a thing for old furniture so he just decided he´d bring it home for me. And man was he right. I saw it and I loved it. And so it was part of my kids room until nearly two weeks ago. And now it stands in our dining room, looking intellectual. It´s not the most beautiful bookshelf the world has seen, it also has some flaws, but I think it´s cute. Especially because of the key that comes with it.

And it still has the shipping informations on the back. This thing travelled by train, obviously. I think it also had the manufacturer mentioned somewhere but I already put a lot of books in it so I can´t move it anymore and decided not to care.

It will also be the new home to my sewing machine. No more dust, finally.

Don´t forget to check out the other participants and have a wonderful weekend. :)