Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy bunny days!

I did some baking yesterday. And while my biscuit eggs look nothing like eggs I have to say that they are delicious. It was my first try at biscuit dough. Could have been much worse ;) And in the end everything´s good as long as it´s covered in chocolate.

I wish you all wonderful easter holidays with nice people, nice weather (hopefully) and delicious food. Here´s for you a cute little pony and even cuter little bunnies. Triple sugar!


Thrifted in march

It´s not the first of the month yet but I decided to leave the triple-G-post to a very special find I made the other day. So here´s for now a summary of the nice little bargains I made laste month.

Black velvet belt with brooch. 1€.

Hand-sewn house coat, late 50s to early 60s I guess. 1 €.
Sadly I had to realize that it smells really funky (as in "Holy
crap!") when I took it out of the anti-moth-bag yesterday. Didn´t
notice it in the shop and couldn´t get rid of it after a handwash.
Solutions, anyone?

1,50 €.

Christmas tree jewellery, 1,50 €.

1,50 €

1,50 €.

For the collection. 1,50 € altogether.

1 € each.

The Mr. fought hard to get this one cheaper, but in the end I got
it for 15 € and had a good laugh at the silly conversation between
the old dude selling it and the Mr.

1 €.
I also got a skirt for 1 €, two noir crime books for 1 € each, a 1930s photo album and this one very special find that I will share on April 1st.
What I didn´t buy was the most amazing photo album containing great portraits from the early 20th century on. It was 50 €, so completely out of my budget, but I still want it so badly. I also didn´t buy a 1940s British battle jacket, mostly because I found it to be much to expensive considering all the threads sticking out. The seller wanted 50 € for it and I figured I might have a pattern for something similiar somewhere. So, yeah, that was march in purchases.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For your sweet bunny tooth

While going through pattern magazines the other day I found this page with sweet, good looking easter recipes. While I´m the person to bake big fancy cakes (we´re just two, who´s supposed to eat all that?) I love to make cookies and muffins and stuff like that. So when I saw the little easter eggs made of sponge cake at the top it was love at 2nd sight (or worse. I don´t know how often I have ignored these cuties before.) The recipe states to do them just before easter so that they don´t become to dry. That means I haven´t made them yet. But they sound great and simple to make. And there´s two more recipes on this page so there´s something in it for everyone ;)

Here´s a rough translation for you:

Biscuit eggs
Ingredients: 3 eggs, 250 g flour, 125 g sugar, 1/2 sachet of baking powder

1. Beat eggs with sugar for 30 minutes until fluffy (look, the recipe even has a fitness program included!)
2. Add flour and baking powder
3. With your hands form little eggs, put them on a baking tray and bake them in the oven until they are golden yellow
4. Heat one part chocolate powder, two parts sugar and a little water until it becomes a really hot sticky icing. Use it instantly to ice the eggs. (I´ll use couverture.)
5. Decorate.

Seems simple. I´ll make them on friday and will report! Hopefully with pictures.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Inspiring hair: Betty Grable

As a girl with a high forehead I sometimes find it difficult to do something flattering with my hair when it comes to vintage. Which is why I loved my bettie bangs. Sadly the collided with a cow lick, my overall wavy hair and my always lost fight to keep them absolutely perfect no matter how bad the weather. So I´ve been growing them out for a few months now. Now what to do with that forehead? I figured I might not be the only one with that "problem" (first world problems, anyone?) and decided to start a series featuring starlets rocking or hiding that high forehead. And I´d like to start with Betty Grable who´s worn a lot of great hair dos over the years. Maybe this is an inspiration to some :)

Maybe her most well known hair do.


perfect on many levels
one of my favorites
How about a curly updo? Either polished...
...or wild?
With June Haver, who might be featured in this category as well.
The ribbon could easily be replaced with a flower.
All in all I have to say that, although breaking the rule of "don´t you ever accentuate that nasty high forehead with high hair" that is once in a while given, Betty Grable pretty much always looks amazing. I for my part will try some of my favorite dos of hers like the updo with curly bangs and that last one with the decorative scarf. I will report if I succeed!
I hope you enjoyed this little series and maybe felt a bit inspired, too. I´d also appreciated if you would name other vintage ladies with prominent foreheads in the comments so I can do some research on them.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut: February

It´s the first of the month once again. That means it´s show-n-tell-time with "Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut"! (I´m writing it over and over again because I imagine how funny it sounds when you´re reading it with an old english accent, sorry.). Here´s what I found on the flea market in february:

Dangly brooch. The needle needs to be cleaned from rust,
but I just couldn´t resist the dangliness. 1,50 €.

Corsage, I´d guess from the 40s, I think I paid 1 €.

Black velvet vest (40s?) that sadly looks totally out
of shape on me. 3 €.

Vintage bow tie, 1 €. I had been looking for something like this for ages
and it´s resizable and awesome and stuff.

Vintage embroidered pockets for a dress. I hope I can use them one day. 2 €.

Belt with huge ribbon, probably 60s, 3 €. I´m so looking forward
to warmer temperatures to wear it. Funny little story: When I came
home from the flea market I showed everything to the Mr. and when
I presented the belt he said "Cool, haven´t you been looking for a belt
to wear with that red retro dress you have?" I had mentioned something
like that more than a year ago and was all kinds of amazed because I
had forgotten about it myself!

The netting is ruined but that´s ok because
the hat itself is a beauty in very good condition and
I wouldn´t know how to wear the netting anyway. 3 €.

As if I didn´t own enough black hats... 3 €

Yep, black hat. Might be the simplest one ever. 3 €

This one could be a beauty, but it´s a bit out of shape. Does anyone
have an idea how I can fix that myself? I feel like steaming won´t
do the trick here. Cost me 3 € as well.

60s velvet hat that looks rather silly on me. Is anyone interested?
I paid 3 €, again.

This one is super cute and even had a hatpin included
but sadly it´s to small for my head so I´ll part with it.
Again, 3 €.
All hats were bought from the same seller who obviously was very happy that I took pretty much every hat she had because "noone wears that kind of thing anymore, right?" They all need a good steaming but hey, I paid 18 € for 6 vintage hats. Can´t complain about that, right? I also bought 3 vintage childrens books for the growing collection but forgot to take pictures.
Oh, and then there was this little beauty on ebay that I got for 4,30€:

 It´s a swiss knitting magazine that, irritating for me who knows nothing about Swiss during WWII so far (wikipedia, here I come), contains quite many military patterns. I had only seen one of the patterns inside when I purchased the mag and when I received it yesterday I was insanely happy. Just look at that cover! That alone was worth the purchase (and it would make a great decorative piece when printed out large and framed). Apart from this nice set and the military knitting it mostly contains childrens clothing, but it´s super cute childrens clothing so I´m fine with that :)

All in all I´m rather pleased with february. And the next flea market is only two days away ;)

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