Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gloves for ladies - free pattern

It´s nearly March and still it´s been snowing again today. So it´s not to late to knit a pair of long gloves, right? This one comes from the early 50s magazine I mentioned in my last post. Enjoy knitting :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut: January

Initiated by SwinginCat of Beswingtes Allerlei, "Getrödelt, gefunden, gefreut" is a monthly link collection in which people share their latest vintage finds and thrifts. It takes place every 1st of the month and hopefully a lot of people will join over the months*hint*.
Here´s what I thrifted last month. All the following stuff comes from the thrift shop where I usually buy old photographs for my collection. Once in a while they also get some nice sewing supplies like fabric, buttons and buckles. It was one of those days ;)

leather gloves in pretty good condition, 3 €

In german it´s called "Abplättmuster", I couldn´t find a translation
for that. It´s basically an embroidery pattern you iron onto the
fabric and that washes out later. This one is from Beyer and dates
back to the 30s.
Got this one for free as the seller didn´t even know what it was.

50s (?) fabric. There wasn´t too much left of it, I think it doesn´t even
make a whole blouse, but I couldn´t leave it behind. The colours are so
perfect and I love the pattern. I might make a repro on spoonflower
some time as I´d love to make a dress out of it. Got this for free as well.

I like to call this kind of bag mens purse. I´ve had a similar
one before that was handed down to me from the Mr.s grandma
but it´s slowly falling apart so I didn´t think to long when I found
this one. It´s a bit smaller and over all very practical. It became my
new every day bag instantly. Not very chic but I love it. I paid 3 €.
(Btw, in the background you can see our "balcony". Yep, still not there.)

I´d guess they were made in the 60s. Instantly fell in love with the
colour and now have to find out how to make them work with my
stretched ear lobes. Nude silicone plugs might be the solution.
Got them for free.

60s or 70s brooch. It´s an apple, what´s not to love about that?
Oh, and it was free ;)

And the following thing comes from the big online auction site and is my most recent purchase:

113 knitting patterns for women, men and children. Sadly it
doesn´t contain as many interesting patterns for women as I
had hoped but there are 3 or 4 I can see myself wearing.
One is the sweater on the cover. I paid 3,60 € incl. shipping.

And by clicking here you can find all the other wonderful people taking part in GGG.