Sunday, January 20, 2013

Make your own: Angry kitten cardigan

Enjoy! And if you use the kittens on one of your projects I´d love to see it, of course ;)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

WIP: The angry kitten cardigan

So far January was a lot more hectic than I had expected it to be, so I didn´t finish nearly as much as I had wanted to by the end of my holidays. But I thought I´d share with you my most recent knitting project that I decided to call "The Angry Kitten Cardigan" *insert squeaking Psycho soundtrack here*.

It´s the first time I work with more than one colour and it takes me forever to knit but so far I think it´s ok. I´m not perfectly happy with my yarn choice for the kitties as it´s kind of fuzzy, not to mention that I shouldn´t have added the pieces of tail at the bottom but I realized that pretty late and was much to lazy to unravel the whole thing. So I´ll just pretend that´s how it´s supposed to be ;)
The pattern is a combination of two:

The womens cardigan comes from an issue of Elsa from the early 50s, the kittens from a 1951 Beyer magazine. The cardigan is a super simple knit and might end up as my standard pattern for everyday cardigan needs that don´t have to look particularly vintage. And when I saw the kittens I knew they were ment for me. To me they look like something you´d find on a modern rockabilly garment, not in an original magazine.
I already finished the back in plain black. What you see in the top picture is the left front part. I´ll be busy knitting this thing for some more weeks. And then I´m afraid I´ll have to start knitting for the warmer months.

On a side note, something else that keeps me busy is learning french. I always loved the language and even dreamed about living in France one day but for some reason I chose the Russian language in school (I´m an artsy person, the letters were so appealing...). Man did I not understand that language! My first try to learn french was a few years ago at university in a sort of evening class. It was nice, I learned some things but after the end of the semester the class wasn´t continued and I didn´t find a system to teach myself. But just the other day I stumbled upon duolingo and instantly started french lessons again. Right now I´m mostly talking about apples, wine and dresses but I hope the program will soon enhance my vocabulary :P . And because learning by doing is the best thing to learn a language and the internet pretty much taught me english as well I´d appreciate if those of you who are french native speakers would comment on my blog in french. That would be great :)

À bientôt!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Let´s hope it´s a good one!

Happy New Year everyone! May it be filled with happiness, fun, health and many other positive things for you.

I have mixed feelings about 2012, as there were nice things happening (like a regular income and great holidays with the Mr.) but also many things I could have lived without (people passing away being the worst of them). So I´m looking forward to 2013. Hopefully everything we have planned for this year will happen the way we want it to. And I hope it does for you, too!

Oops! I nearly forgot to mention the most important thing about New Years Eve: Dinner for one. The best part of the whole day for me is this little gem of 60s television. Rumor has it that it is, although in english, pretty much unknown outside of Germany, so maybe you just take 10 minutes and watch poor butler James get horribly drunk on Miss Sophies 90s birthday ;)