Saturday, November 2, 2013

Praktische Damen- und Kindermode 10/1941

It´s finally time for a new old scanned magazine! This time a summer issue of Praktische Damen- und Kindermode from 1941 that I love very, very, very much. So many of the summer dresses are beautiful beyond words, I´m already looking forward to next summer!


Friday, November 1, 2013

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut - November

Oh my, time flies.
As it´s the first of the month and I finally found some time to take some pictures AND to blog about something this one is for GGG over at Beswingtes Allerlei.
This time I decided to share a piece of furniture that´s been in my possession for at least a decade but didn´t make it into our appartment till last week when my dad brought it over with some other cool stuff.
I present you: My first piece of vintage furniture.

I can´t remember exactly when I got this. But I do remember that my father helped clean out my great-grandparents appartment after they both had passed away and somehow he must have thought "The kid might like that one." We both have a thing for old furniture so he just decided he´d bring it home for me. And man was he right. I saw it and I loved it. And so it was part of my kids room until nearly two weeks ago. And now it stands in our dining room, looking intellectual. It´s not the most beautiful bookshelf the world has seen, it also has some flaws, but I think it´s cute. Especially because of the key that comes with it.

And it still has the shipping informations on the back. This thing travelled by train, obviously. I think it also had the manufacturer mentioned somewhere but I already put a lot of books in it so I can´t move it anymore and decided not to care.

It will also be the new home to my sewing machine. No more dust, finally.

Don´t forget to check out the other participants and have a wonderful weekend. :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tiny happy gates and a big shiny bow

(Bob Ross, anyone?) Another outfit post, I´ve got a run I guess. This one comes to you straight from last weeks friday, when summer made it´s last appearance for 2013 (and I succesfully managed to stay nearly tan-free). It was ridiculously warm so I did the only reasonable thing and wore a new old dress I had just bought the weekend before. I got it at an all in all disappointing flea market for the crazy sum of 4 Euros. I tried to get it for 3 because I had to do some repair work and the armholes were stained but in the end I gave in because I really needed something nice that fit and damn did I like the fabric.

The fabric has little gates printed all over that look like they jumped out of 1950s fairy tale illustrations and what´s not to love about that. The belt is from a flea market earlier this year. The outfit got quite some attention at work and made everyone smile, which is always a good thing in my book.
 The next day it started raining cats and dogs and so far nothing much has changed about that. It´s officially autumn I´m afraid. Time to get out your knitwear and warm jackets.

I wish you all a fantastic, cosy weekend!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dressing up for a baptism

Look who´s back! After more than 2 months of being a bit unter the weather, the stress of moving and not having any internet connection (Oh, the horror!) I can now finally report that we have the internetz in our new appartment. Not that it was unbearable, I actually read a lot of books which was nice, but I missed bloggerland and browsing ebay and such things. I even unpacked some of the boxes out of pure boredom ;) There´s still enough of them left, though, as not all furniture is standing at it´s final place yet. But we already have most of the living room done so that´s what you see in the following pictures. I´ll make a separate post about our new old furniture as soon as everything´s done, because it´s furniture with a story worth telling.

But now about the baptism outfit. It was my first baptism and I can say with all honesty that it was horrible. First we were late and I forgot the lipstick. And then there was church. Even people that attended more than the 3 church services I went through in life admitted that it was one of their most boring service experiences. Add the fact that I felt miserable, cold and needed a toilet really badly and you get an idea of how much fun I had. But at least, and here´s the positive note, I got a lot of compliments for the dress. I actually had it on my to-sell-list for months now but as I´m going through some fitting issues lately this one came to the rescue. I still consider selling it though, because we just don´t seem to fit perfectly, no matter what. My hair is also a horrible mess at the moment (can´t decide for a new colour) so I put a hat on to hide the massive roots. It worked out ok I think. Here´s the details:

Dress with Bolero: flea market
Hat: flea market
Jewellery: thrift shops
Shoes: Forever 18 (I think)

I did a little math. The whole outfit cost me not more than 20 € including shoes. I´d like to call this a success.


This picture comes with a quote from the photographer:
"My crooked pictures somehow always look best!" Yeah, well...

In the afternoon the real party took place at a bbq station in the woods and while I had changed the outfit to something forest appropriate (I might have looked like a lumberjack...) I didn´t change the shoes. And I didn´t take a jacket with me. Baaaaaaad mistake. Because when we arrived it started raining cats and dogs. And it kept raining, and raining, and raining. Let´s just say it wasn´t the best of days but at least I had some delicious cheese cake. All praise the cheesecake!

I hope your last 2,5 months were great, ladies! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Oh, Kleidermarkt, I love you

In my last post I mentioned that me and my friend were shopping at the "Garage" who is part of the Kleidermarkt stores and so amazing that I´m glad not to live close to one because it would ruin me forever. Just in case I haven´t made it clear enough before: If you are in Berlin, don´t miss it.
I spent nearly 80 € and here´s what I got:

The dress is missing some insert-collar-blouse-like-thingy
(I really have no idea what it´s called in english...) but it was love
at first sight. Also has the original belt. 19,99 €, nearly perfect condition.
Can´t complain about that, right?

I´m not sure when exactly this was made, somewhere between
the 70s and the 90s guessing from its Union Made label, but it reminded
me of Tashas Victory jacket AND it´s bright red. How could I not? I found
this in the pay-per-kilo-section.

Needs to be shortened but looks niiiiice with slacks.

And then I accidentally bought a vintage Hugo Boss jacket
for 17,99 €.

And here is my favorite. This thing fits like a glove
and is in perfect condition. 19,99 € as well.

Looking at the last dress I wonder if it is inpropriate to wear a black dress to a wedding? I´m invited as a guest to a wedding in autumn and while I plan to sew something colourful for the occasion I know that I´m the slowest seamstress and there is a chance that I won´t have anything nice to wear otherwise. So I´m asking you, is a black dress acceptable for a wedding?

In other news I´m doing things with my hair. Things that need patience. Here´s a quick preview:

I´m working on an all colour head. And I´m so looking forward to the day when it´s finally just one colour, not 50 shades of blue-green-grey-black. Getting rid of nearly 10 years of dark dye is no fun... But I already had people ask me how in the world I managed to get such a great blue-green gradient. Hah, little do I know. But it´s all in one bottle of blue dye :)
The hairstyle is based on Tashas famous back role with a scarf. And now I mentioned her twice in one post and can officially confess that I´m a fan.

That´s all, Folks!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The baltic coast, Berlin and great news

Yep, I was on holiday. Like every summer I visited my family at the baltic coast and had a great time. Lots of talking, lots of laughing and, because there was a birthday to celebrate, some great cheesecake. I LOVE cheesecake. And I had my 5 seconds of ocean:

so cold!
I didn´t do anything too exciting, mostly relaxed in the garden, so lets move on to the second part of the holiday: My 1.5 days in Berlin, where I stayed with my bestest friend whom I hadn´t seen for 1 year or so! The first thing we did the evening I arrived was to raise our glasses to the great call I got early in the morning.

high quality drink
This stuff is like diabetes in a bottle, absolutely horrible. I drank it anyways, because bubble water without alcohol, thatswhy. And we paid for it, so somebody had to drink it.

The next day started with a visit to the Kinemathek Berlin, a museum about the history of (mainly) german film. The exhibition is breathtaking and if you should ever happen to be in Berlin that´s the place to go :). Not only do they introduce classics like "The cabinet of Dr. Caligari" and "Metropolis", no, they also have several rooms dedicated to Marlene Dietrich including some of her original costumes. (It seems like they change the clothes once in a while, I haven´t seen any of the outfits shown below).

After the educational part came the shopping. And shopping we did. Berlin has not only one but several "Kleidermarkt"-shops where you can find vintage and second hand clothing at mostly reasonable prices and we had planned to see them all. Such a silly plan. We started at Made in Berlin in Friedrichstraße. I soon realized that they sell mostly stuff from the 70s or later, so I didn´t buy anything. I found one super cute dress but as I couldn´t even pull it over my shoulders I had to leave it behind.

Our next stop was the shop "Garage" at Ahornstraße. On our way we had to go via Underground and there I found the most amazing shop window:

Old sewing machines all over from floor to roof! Such beauties. But back to the Garage. It´s huge. It´s filled with stuff from the 30s to the 90s and it takes forever to go through all the racks:


What you see on the photo is just one corner, the shop is about 4 times the size. You will find everyting from dresses to blouses to hats and shoes. And the best thing? They have a kilo area. Means when you buy pieces from that store area you don´t pay by pieces, you pay by weight. And every kilo is 17.99 €. Amazing? Amazing! We spent several hours in there, maybe 3 or 4, and we could have stayed longer if they hadn´t been closing. In the end I went home with two 40s dresses, two jackets and a blouse for not even 80 €. I´ll show them in a separate post, though.

And now for the great news that made me drink Robby Bubble: We are moving to the most amazing appartment! I had a look at it two days before I left for the coast and then did the whole paperwork and phoning while away from home. It wasn´t the most relaxing holidays I ever had, but it was so worth it. We´ll have twice the space, huge windows (outfit pictures, here I come!) and it´s only 5 minutes from my work place. It´s fantastic. I signed the contract yesterday and we´ll move in in August. I can´t even tell you how excited I am. But my Pinterest account got a lot of new additions ;) I´m dreaming of mid century modern meets bright colour kitsch meets hipster. Two more months and so much packing to do! Please don´t expect me to blog a lot.

Have a great day everyone :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Not very classy

Or, to be true, not classy at all. And not vintage either (there, I warned you!):

This outfit is missing a pair of ankle-high
white sneakers.

Every time I try to get a decent picture of myself for this blog I end up with stuff like this. There´s a serious lack of self control and earnestness going on as soon as someone points a camera at me. Uncontrolled moves, funky faces, the whole thing. 95 % outtakes, 100 % ridiculous fun.
That said, this is my heavily 80s metal inspired It´s-the-Mr.s-birthday-outfit from last friday. One doesn´t wear fancy dress at a metal concert and that´s exactly where we were. So I used the occasion to go back to the roots and resuscitated some of my old jewellery. Back in the days (10 years ago, holy dodo!) people thought I was the strangest kid in class and now I share a bus with so called fashionistas wearing more studded stuff than even the 16 year old me would have considered acceptable. The fashion world is a strange one. The shirt is an old one from the Mr.s collection, all worn, faded and with holes (one could say vintage. Just kidding.), that I modified a bit. As I said, the outfit is clearly missing a pair of white sneakers. And a leather jacket. But I won´t buy one now. I´ll wait till the rock-/metalfashion-hype is over and everybody wants to get rid of their fake leather biker jackets to jump on the next hype. Can´t wait for it. (Until then I´m gonna modify an old denim jacket of mine. Patches and all.)
Last but not least I want to share with you my fashion inspiration. 1980s Metallica, the coolest Metallica out there:

Look at these boys with their skinny legs in
tight jeans. I wish I could pull that off.

I´ll so copy that look of Hetfield (2nd from left) one day! (sans hair)
Btw, while going through dozens of pictures of the 80s metallica boys men I also found out that making faces is an absolutely acceptable behavior.

I promise I´ll be back to vintage with the next post ;). But I salute you that you made it to the end of the post!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Getrödelt, Gefunden, Gefreut: April

Todays GGG is a bit picture heavy, don´t say I didn´t warn you :) What I want to share with you today is something that came with a beach-and-sun-pattern-magazine, a Sogra pattern catalogue from around 1940. Sogra patterns still pop up on german ebay once in a while so I figured this might even be helpful to some. I´m sure there´s something to drool over in this for all of you! I myself found at least one outfit I´d love to own on each page (except for the childrens clothes, maybe ;)).

As always, the other hunters´ finds can be seen here.