Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beyers Handarbeit und Wäsche 3/1951

Hello ladies! I hope everyone survived the holidays and had a good time? I surely did and I had such a great time that I forgot to take pictures. There was a lot of relaxing, laughter, baby cuddling and delicious food involved and I even did some knitting for my mom that I also forgot to photograph. So instead of christmas-y pictures I give you magazine scans as a post-christmas gift, so to speak ;) I hope you enjoy it!

Monday, December 17, 2012

A more festive green

I think I tell you no secret when I say that I love unnatural hair colours. I´ve been switching between bright reds, pink and green for years and there´s no end in sight. A part of me wants to blame Bela B., drummer and singer of "Die Ärzte" (a german punk band) who, back in the late 90s, sported hair that was half black, haf green. Sounds familiar? Well, I had a poster of him with this exact hair hanging over my bed just because the colour was the most awesome and cool I had ever seen. Sadly I couldn´t find a picture but here´s a nice little music video for you ;)

For years I´ve been using Apple Green by Directions exclusively. There were no other greens beside it. I love the bright shade with a little hint of yellow. You can see it in action in quite some pictures here on this blog. But some weeks ago I felt like I could need something darker, something more "grown up" (Shocking!). So I bought Directions Alpine Green. It´s not only darker but has a lot more blue in it. I dyed it some weeks ago. I was excited. I...wasn´t convinced. The colour was nice but somehow I felt strange with it. I was sure I´d switch back to Apple Green within no time. But sometimes you just have to get used to things. And now I don´t only love the colour (it fits the festive season somehow) but also the advantages that come with it: Alpine Green lasts a lot longer. And I really mean a lot. Apple Green had to be redyed after every 2nd or 3rd hair wash to stay vibrant. For me that means every two or three weeks. Alpine green on the other hand stays green, even after 4 weeks. Actually it becomes a lot like Apple green after the 2nd wash, so it´s twice the awesomeness ;) For a moment I even thought (once more) about going all green. This time it could even work. Oh my. But I won´t bore you any longer with words, here´s what it looks like:

my forehead is a real attention seeker ;)

That´s my hairdo for the 3rd advent stomach filling with the in-laws yesterday. It was a first for me, I´ve never worn 3 rolls before. It always ended up in a big mess but this one just happened to turn out nice enough to leave the house wearing it. All I can say about the event itself is that I ate way to much and felt terrible in the evening. And the whole night. But that zucchini soup was delicious. And so was the cake I made.

And because I´m in the mood for it I will also give you a short list of other bloggers with funky colours. Some of them just took the "big step" but they all look fantastic and prove that there is a colour out there for everyone. Maybe you feel inspired :):

P.S.: My english sounds a bit strange today, doesn´t it? Somewhat chaotic. I hope you understood me anyways :)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fabric expert wanted

Many moons ago I mentioned that I wanted to alter this huge dress I bought for 1€. Well, turns out that resizing doesn´t do the trick as it´s pretty much shapeless. So I found a pattern that would allow me to reuse all the fabric this dress has to offer and I started to open all seams, highly motivated. It quickly turned out that velvet is a very unforgiving material. My question is: does any of you ladies know how I can get rid of the marks of old seams? Brushing doesn´t seem to do the trick and I would love to work with the material I have (because it doesn´t cost me anything ;)).

Saturday, December 1, 2012

November´s over and I´m back

I found the ultimate cheap solution to my laptop problem: Dig out your 8 year old but still working laptop, have your parents send you the matching cable (no idea why it was at their house...) and there you go. It´s a bit slow but better than nothing. Or spending money that we´re saving for a planned appartment move next year.

Talking about spending money, I did some shopping. First I bought this jacket:

It´s by H&M and I feel bad about that. I had been looking for that perfect jacket on ebay and dawanda (some kind of german etsy, just with a lot less vintage) and sooner or later became desperate because nothing got me excited or matched my budget or the seller didn´t respond to my question. And when I saw this little over-the-top-piece in theH&M onlineshop I remembered a pattern from 1939 that I have in my collection that made me all Ooooh and Aaaaah. And then I prepared the winter-inspiration-post and bam! I had to try it. See picture below for reason ;)

Big fur collars, I love you!

I have to say that the quality is just what you´d expect when shopping at H&M. The sleeves started to pill after one(!) week and the lining inside the sleeves seems to be a bit long. I didn´t remove the price tag for two weeks because I thought that maybe the perfect vintage piece would pop up. Nothing like that happened, of course. So I just hope that this jacket will last through 2 or 3 winters like its predecessor.

And because I love the whole skiiing/winter sport look I went with a matching pair of shoes. I´m not the biggest fan of the buckle and esp. the useless letters but they are warm, comfortable and snow appropriate, something that is very important because there´s a snow guarantee for where I work:

shoes by Deichmann
I want to sew a nice pair of pants to match. I´ll reuse an old pair of corduroy pants from the Mr. for that. No money for fabric. We´ll see how that goes.
And then there was this hat I was knitting. You know, this one:

Well, somewhere something went terribly one. I tried to make this whole thing up today and it is all wonky and doesn´t match and looks like something the smurfs would wear for winter. Booh! So I don´t have a matching hat for my scarf but a lot of yarn to make...errr...I don´t know yet. A muff maybe? I hate that I wasted time and excitement on this!

The only vintage purchases I did lately are a filled photo album and a few more assorted photos of strangers for my collection (clicketyclick).

Oh, and just in case you asked yourself: What the hell is wrong with that window frame in the first picture? Our appartment got a balcony. Or, to be exact, the window and door for a balcony. In November. Who does such kind of thing? They cut a huge hole into our bedroom wall and it was freaking cold. Not to mention that the new window frames are smaller than the old one and now we have this ugly foam sticking out everywhere. And  ripped wallpaper. And pieces of bricks sticking out. But no balcony yet. The only positive aspects of the whole process are the higher amount of light in the bedroom (not that there´s much light in winter) and this funky wallpaper we found behind the old radiator:

I´m so happy to be back :)