Friday, September 28, 2012

Stop, Dirndl time!

It´s Oktoberfest time. The time of year when quite a lot of people go crazy, get drunk and, for once in a year, wear traditional clothing. Some people might think that Dirndl and Lederhose are the epitome of traditional german clothing but don´t be fooled, it´s mainly found in the alps region. You´ll hardly ever find people in the North wearing them (except if there´s an Oktoberfest-party going on ;)). Still, when I was a kid (we´re talking about 7 year old me) I owned a Lederhose. I don´t know how I got it as we lived really up north and my mum is absolutely no fan of traditional clothing, not to speak of bavarian. Anyway, this Lederhose wasn´t for fashion, it was for functionality. Nothing´s as sturdy as leather, perfect for play time. But the fact that I still remember owning it says something, I think. I def. wouldn´t mind wearing one again. But what I´d love to own even more is a dirndl. The variety is huge and it´s hard to not look super feminine in it.
Jessica shows her amazing dirndl in her latest (very well researched) post and mentions that the definition of what a "real" dirndl has to look like is rather vague, so I figured it would be a nice idea to share a wide selection of the various styles called "Dirndl" in vintage magazines. Because I´m not into researching facts. I only do pictures, mkay? ;)

totally not my favorite

via Sew something vintage

via Sew something vintage
via Couturette
via Couturette
via Couturette
via Couturette

So, what do we learn from all this? A dirndl is often worn with an apron. But not always. A dirndl often has puffy sleeves. But not always. A dirndl is often made out of patterned fabric. But not always. The only thing all these dresses have in common is the wider skirt. Because, let´s face it, a pencil skirt would be pretty impractical in the mountains. I think with dirndls it´s the same as with sandwiches. There´s no real rule about it, but you know one when you see one.

I hope you enjoyed this little excursion and I´d be glad to hear your opinions on dirndls. Do you like them or do they rather hurt your eyes? Are they ultimately feminine or horribly folcloristic?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Finally back among the living

Hm, seems like I didn´t blog for 3 weeks. Why? Because there was this big thing happening yesterday night and I had to prepare so much stuff that I felt like a zombie on some days. In my last post I mentionen that I´m part of a group exhibition and yesterday evening was vernissage evening. It was great, a lot of people showed up and it was so nice to watch them while they were looking at my work. I love when it makes people smile! There even was a lot of mobile phone camera action involved.
So, what did I wear to this fabulous event full of glamour, you might ask? Well, back in June I had talked about this dress on the blog:

It was nearly done but then I put it aside because I wasn´t satisfied with the whole thing (cryptic instructions and my non existing experience...). Two or three weeks ago I put it on again and decided that it wasn´t that bad at all and that I should at least finish it. But I was convinced that I´d never ever make another version with nicer fabric. Well, long story short, I finished it, dyed it black (it´s the same orangy fabric I used for my last two projects), put it on and loved it. Even the Mr. loved it (also, but not exclusively, for two obvious reasons). It´s still far from perfect but I´ll def wear it again. And I´ll sew it again. Next year.

Me in front of my own work, stone-cold sober
but giggling.

You are the dancing queen
young and sweet
only sevent...twentyseven...*sing*

Still stone-cold sober.
The shoes are from Deichmann and
were a christmas gift from the Mr. in 2008.

The belt is a recent gift from a colleague and I love it.
So, even though I look pretty drunk in most of these pictures I can assure you that all I drank was water. I might have been a bit drunk with happiness and pride, though! Also, we show our work in the cellar of an old fortress and it was hot like a finnish sauna because of all the people.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flea market sunday

2 colouring books in their original packaging, 1,50€

10€, some seams need to be repaired.

fabric 3€, buttons and buckles 6€ altogether

Frohne pantograph and patterns, 8€
All in all it was a complete success. I got everything I had hoped to find (old childrens books, sewing supplies, something to wear) and something I had been looking for forever before I bought the huge collection of patterns: the Frohne pantograph and accompanying patterns from the 50s. But when I saw it on the sellers table I wasn´t as excited as I thought I´d be. The price I paid was ridiculously low compared to what you pay on the internet, which is why I took it with me in the end, but none of the patters makes me drool. I even thought about leaving it behind. Maybe it´s right what they say: Things come to those who wait. Now I hope the same happens with a 40s edition of the Golden Rule.
(For those who don´t know what Frohne is: The system is similar to the Golden Rule. The patterns are given as miniatures and with the pantograph you enlarge it to your measurements.)

I hope there´s enough fabric for a cape! It´d go perfectly with the hat.

What I didn´t buy was a super cute 40s dress with a completely adjustable waist (maternity wear maybe?), loads and loads of hats and an awesome pair of 50s yellow translucent spectacle frames because they were much to small. I would have loved to own these.

I hope you all had a great weekend! :)