Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holiday pictures, the last

It´s nearly done, no more holiday pictures after this post ;) But this is a short one. On our last day we had a look at a church that is no longer used as such but as a kind of gallery for all kinds of art. The church was heavily damaged and robbed during and after WWII and never fully restored. So it´s got it´s very own rotten charme. The weather was rubbish, so my outfit was all about functionality.

Everything I wear is new except the scarf and one of the bangles. I bought the jacket during the holidays, mostly because it matches the colours of the Mr.s football team and even the G is correct. Couldn´t have gotten cheaper fan wear ;). All outfit pictures were again taken by the Mr. himself. I told you he´s improving!

We came back home today and in my mailbox I found a big envelope filled with patterns and magazines I won on ebay for the mere price of 8€. It contains an amazing issue of "Der neue Schnitt" (that alone is worth the price!), two issues of "Elsa" and a few more pattern sheets that once were part of several issues of "Brigitte". I´m pleased. But there´s more to come. The Mr., in all his sweetness, won ca. 2.5kg (yes, you read that right!) of pattern sheets and magazines from the 40s for me. I just wanted to see the final bid on the auction, but he decided that it was okay to pay ridiculously high 8€. Because, after all, I had gotten nearly one kg of patterns for the same price just one week before and it would be even cooler to get more than twice the amount for the same money. He bit and, I couldn´t believe it myself, won. So now I´m waiting for 2.5kg of 40s sewing patterns. I don´t know if I´m able to handle the excitement...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Holiday pictures, the second

More pictures, this time featuring fields, cows and other critters. And an outfit, me made :)

Last sunday was the first warm and sunny day, so the Mr. decided it was time for a bicycle tour through the fields. We saw more cows than people, which is always a nice thing in my eyes. And in the evening I might have made a bargain on ebay, I´ll find out as soon as we return home (but I´m excited already!).

On tuesday we went to the zoo, mainly because the Mr. wanted to see seals. Oh, the disappointment when we saw that all but one seal were locked away because they were soon to give birth. Instead we watched the sea lions being fed.

After the sea lions we went to see the otters, some of my favorites in the zoo, followed by lions and meerkats.

Don´t worry, he´s just yawning.
And here´s what I wore to the zoo. Pictures taken by the Mr. himself. He´s improving his skills!
Strange posing for beginners.
I made the dress after this pattern.

I bought the wedges during the holidays.
They were 10€, are super cute, seemed to
be comfortable and turned the bottoms of
my feet into huge blisters within two hours.
I didn´t go anywhere for two days after that ;)

I had to take a ride on the grass hopper!
All in all, the zoo was an experience. I took some nice pictures, we also had fun, but there was also a lot of pain involved. Sunburnt skin, aching feet (not only mine) and a tram that collided with a car. We were happy to be back home, I can tell you :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holiday pictures, the first

The first week of our holiday trip is over and I tought that it´d be nice to show some pictures of some of the things we´ve done so far. It´s to hot to go outside today anyway. Would you believe that? I´m sitting in my parents kitchen and feel like melting. I didn´t see that coming after the weather we´ve had for the past weeks.
I want to start the picture madness with some of my favorite objects at the Cultural History Museum.

Prehistoric pendant made from amber. About 8cm long. I´d wear that!

prehistoric needle with bird

Medieval unicorn on the blade a sword. (Yay, unicorns!)

Drying and perming tools from the 20s to 50s.

Please consider this my outfit post for the day ;)

1920s mans hair salon and barber shop interior.

Sadly my cameras battery died before we left so I can´t share with you the beauty of a 1970s teenagers room in East Germany yet. I took some crappy pictures with my phone, maybe I´ll upload them later. I also can´t share the delicious soft serve I had that day. Cherry-Vanilla. But here´s what I had the next day:

Elder-Vanilla, presented by the Mr.
Sooooo tasty! It´s by far the best soft serve shop I know. To bad (or maybe luckily) I only have the chance to enjoy their creations once a year. But then I do so excessively :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer dress and circle skirt

Nearly one month ago I shows you what I had planned to sew for my summer holidays. And here´s the truth: I didn´t finish any of these pieces.
I was looking forward to wearing this blouse. It was my size, so I didn´t have to resize the pattern for once and it seemed to be a cute little thing. So I started to sew up the muslin but very soon had to realize that it made my chest look huge. And I mean insanely huge. One would expect a pattern made for a larger chest to be more complimenting...
But it´s not like I don´t have any patterns to choose from, so I went with something very different I found in "Dir und Mir" from 1952:

 The description reads as follows: "For hot summer days on holidays or in the garden, and if your surroundings aren´t prude, even at the office!" It also says that it´s a quick sew even for beginners. Perfect! It took me some time to get the neck cuffs somewhat right, but all in all I´m happy with how it turned out. Pictures will follow later. And because the pattern is so simple I decided to make a copy for all of you.
Free pattern awesomeness! (click "Datei Herunterladen", not any of the download buttons!).

I also sew this circle skirt, sans cherries:

Dear summer, I´m prepared for you, don´t hesitate to show up!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The knitted blanket

Many moons ago, around February I think, I started to knit the following blanket for the back then guitar pick sized baby of my cousin (due in August).

click for the direct link to the pattern

I went with a creamy white colour like used in the original picture as it´s neutral (the parents-to-be don´t want to know whether it´s gonna be a boy or a girl) and looks very classy. The knitting was fun and easy and could be done while watching tv. Perfect for a beginner like me. I had to change the needle size though, as the test piece turned out much to loose for my liking. I used 3.5mm needles instead of 4.5. The yarn I used was cheap stuff called "Big Lisa" that I had flying around. The quality was ok for the price, there were some annoying knots in it. But it feels super soft and fluffy now that it´s knitted up and washed. Now all I have to do is wrap it up as a little present and remember to take it with me when we head to the coast. That might be the hardest task...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fabulous Fashion: Betty Hutton

What can I say about Betty Hutton apart from that she makes me smile every time I hear and see her sing? When I saw her for the very first time (performing "Murder, he says"), I knew she was positively crazy. That face! Or better: all the faces she´s making! Not to mention her voice. So, here´s for you some of my favorite outfits of hers.

Just because I love the fabric

I need this dress, it´s perfection.

If it hadn´t been that hard to take proper screenshots there would be so much more outfits shown here. Instead I´ll just say that I like pretty much every outfit Betty wears in "Let´s dance", especially the olive and black coat. You can watch it and probably every other of her movies on satinsandspurs.com.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flea market sunday

The first sunday of the month often times is the best of them all. Why? Because it´s my flea market day. So was today. I spent quite some money (compared to the last months) and am really pleased with what I got.

wickerpurse, 3€
seamed stockings and Raymond, 1€ each
I paid 3€ for the green, 2€ for the yellow one.
3€, needs cleaning and reshaping.
scarf, 1€
The picture is horrible and it doesn´t even look special on the hanger,
but when I put it on at home I instantly fell in love. It´s sparkly and the
full skirt makes me all giggly ;)
It´s green, it´s velvet, the pictures don´t do it justice.
I paid 17,50€ for both dresses altogether.
What I didn´t buy was a beautiful pair of blue and white 30s pumps in rather sad condition. The leather was partly tattered so they weren´t wearable anymore. (They problably wouldn´t have fitted anyways). I also didn´t buy a pair of 40s snake pumps in acceptable condition. They would have been wearable with a bit of love given to them. And I didn´t buy the most fabulous 40s hat I have ever seen on a flea market. It was black and white gingham with lacy trimming and looked like something out of an old hollywood movie. But it was out of my budget (although not expensive at 15€). What I had hoped to find are pattern magazines, but I haven´t seen any on a flea market for months...

On friday I treated myself with another purchase. I bought a huge vintage photo album full of pictures dating from the 20s to the 50s. I started scanning the whole thing yesterday (I´m not nearly done) and am uploading most pictures on a tumblr I created for my found photographs. It´s called "back then photographed" and is a sister to my vintage illustration tumblr. Maybe you´d like to take a look into the life of Ria, as the albums owner was called.