Saturday, June 30, 2012

Swimming with Tom & Jerry

This was supposed to be a Fabulous Fashion post featuring Marika Rökk but, lucky as I am, my computer completely crashed once again and everything except my job related files is gone. Screenshots, scans, just everything. So for now I´ll leave you with a little treasure to match the sunny weather: Esther Williams swimming with my all time favorite cartoon duo, Tom and Jerry.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bssssy bee

Ha, see what I did there?
I didn´t manage to scan magazines or do anything for this blog at all over the last few days. Why? Because I´m planning my holiday wardrobe. Me and Mr. Yeti are gonna stay at my parents for two weeks, starting in... 1 month. And I feel like I have nothing to wear (yay, first world problems!!). You never know what the weather´s gonna be like at the baltic coast and I want to be prepared for everything (except maybe snow). But most of all I want to be prepared for summer! And that´s where it becomes a bit difficult. My wardrobe is a mess, filled with stuff that´s too big, too small, too warm. So what I´m trying to do at the moment is to knit until the needles melt and sew something actually wearable. Finished so far: Nothing. Hey, there´s still 1 month left. And if all else fails I have bathing suits. 2 of them. I´ll pretend that I´m a tourist and walk through town in a bathing suit and flip flops. Sounds like a solid plan to me!

But jokes aside, here´s what I´m working on at the moment:

I had planned to sew this for the confirmation in April but miserably failed because back then I didn´t understand the instructions. I still don´t. But all I have left to do right now is insert a zipper (panic!), finish the hem, dye the whole thing black and hope that it looks acceptable. So far I can say that the inside is a total mess and all you seamstresses out there would cry at the sight of it. It looks like a battlefield, just as a dress. Not to mention that it´s much to fancy for touristing around (I made that word up, I know).

I´d like to call this "the plan B sweater", because I didn´t understand (I say that to often...) the instructions of the other sweater I had wanted to make. But so far plan B worked out very well and seems to be a quick knit. (The front and the back are completely the same. It´s moments like this when I wish for ctrl+c in real life.)

I also have the following things planned:

And a circle skirt. Just because I need one anyways. Looking at all this I know I´lll fail miserably, but its good to aim high, I guess ;)

Friday, June 8, 2012

"Bestickte Weste" and more

It´s time for some free knitting instructions! All pictures are large enough to be printed (I hope). The first one, an "embroidered waistcoat" is from a magazine from 1948. It´s to large for my scanner so I won´t scan the whole magazine, but once in a while I´ll upload one of the patterns. The second thing is a paper that came to me as a freebie with something I won on ebay and might be of more use for my non-german readers than the written instructions. But as always, don´t hesitate to ask if you need help translating! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fabulous Fashion: Rosalind Russell

I needed a reason to post outfit pictures of famous people, so I decided to introduce a new category here on this blog: fabulous fashion. I probably won´t do this regularly, I don´t do anything here with a schedule in mind. But once in a while, when I stumble upon an actress or musician or whatever who´s outfits appeal to me, I´ll post a collection. And I´ll start with Rosalind Russell. I already did a picture post about her, but this time it´s all about her greatest outfits (imho, of course). I have to admit that I have a little crush on her. She´s just so funny. And she has the greatest hair. So, here we go!










And finally, for a good laugh, Rosalind on "What´s my line?"

Do you have a favorite?

Monday, June 4, 2012

It´s been some time

You might (or might have not?) noticed that it was pretty quiet around my little corner of the blogiverse for a couple of weeks. The reason is that my grandpa died in the beginning of May and after that I didn´t feel like blogging at all. But I´m back to normal now and getting into my routine again.
I visited my parents for one week (because of the funeral) and thought I´d share some random pictures of what I did during the time.

Sitting in the beach chair in my parents garden, reading
"Die Jugend des Königs Henri Quatre" by Heinrich Mann.

"Streuselschnecke", the non-traditional way. Very delicious.
Is anyone interested in the recipe?

We had a swallow in the living room. 3 times!

My uncle bought himself a new old house. It´s great, the garden is
amazing and his neighbours are cows! I have a serious case of house envy.

lots of flower power going on in the front yard

We went to see an exhibition of sand scultures.
Quite impressive pieces of art. I know what I´m
going to do when I´m at the beach next time ;).
This is one of the evil sisters of Cinderella.

You know this one.

The wolf and the seven little goats.
I also did a lot of knitting for my cousins baby blanket. I´m nearly done and super happy with it. I might even do a matching cuddle toy in the shape of a polar bear, all vintage and stuff. We´ll see :)
Thanks to my dad I even made a little bargain. "You should check the neighbours bulky waste, I think I saw a hula hoop over there." Said it and didn´t expect me to go check it. I am now the proud owner of an ugly but cool orange hula hoop.

Yesterday I went to the flea market, full of optimism and hope for great finds, and came home with... a wet jacket, wet pants and two attachable fake fur collars (3€). I hope the weather´s better where you are, and may your hunts for vintage treasures be successful! :)