Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Frauenhilfe 9/1949

Among all the vintage crafting magazines, "Frauenhilfe" is one of my favorites. I´m not sure why, I think it´s a mix of the outfits they show and the magazine layout. They don´t pop up as often as other vintage knitting magazines but it´s easier to make a bargain. Just the other week I got 12(!) complete issues from 1948/1949 for 1€+5€ shipping. Best bargain in months! Here´s one of them, including one knitting instruction and a few crocheting patterns. I hope you enjoy :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

For him, for her, for free

Brilliant title, right? ;) I love when people share vintage knitting patterns online for free. And when I found this in my mail on saturday I knew I had to share some of the patterns with you. The booklet contains 140 instructions for sweaters, accessories, dresses (fabulous dresses!) and jackets. So in the future there might be more free vintage knitting goodness coming.

Huge scan, so you can print it :)
You have to make a real size copy of the pattern first.
Each square is 2x2cm in size, the x stand for casting on
If you need any help translating the instructions, feel free to ask!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Selling things

As I´ve been going through my stuff I noticed that there are some things that I haven´t worn once since I bought them for one reason or another. Some of it has been in my closet for nearly a year or even more, so chances are that they´ll never be worn anyways but fill much needed storage room. So in case you like something just drop me a mail (frauewert[at]googlemail.com). I´ll ship worldwide!

50s blouse
measurements: bust 50cm, shoulders 38,5cm, length 53,5cm
condition: near mint, one minor flaw on the back (see last picture)
price: 15€

brown felt hat
measurements: inside circumference 56cm
condition:near mint, one minor flaw on the crown
 price: 15€

plastic brooch
measurements: ca. 4x4,5cm
condition: mint
price: 5€

felt feather hat
measurements: inside circumference 54cm
condition: good, minor damage to the felt on the outside, real feather
missing, stained and damaged felt (probably moths?) on the inside
(see last picture)
price: 8€

red felt hat
measurements: inside circumference 55cm
condition: very good, the crown is a bit out of shape
price: 10€

platform heels
measurements: inside length 24,5cm, width 7cm, heel 10cm, platform 1cm
material: leather, the animal print is fake though; inside sole made from cardboard
condition: very good to excellent, typical signs of wear
price: 40€

Aren´t the shoes the greatest? I was so excited when the package arrived just to find out that they are way to narrow for me. Oh the disappointment!! I had already seen myself knitting a matching blouse to wear with them :(.

Btw, I also have some 60s stuff in my shop.