Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Back from a long weekend

Sorry for my lack of posting, I was busy sewing and planning for our weekend trip. We were invited to the confirmation of Mr. Yetis cousin and I had planned to wear something handmade. So I´ve been going through magazines, tracing patterns and making muslins for weeks just to end up wearing something I already had in my closet. There wasn´t enough fabric in my stash for the dress I had wanted to make. Epic Fail.
We started on Friday, 3 am, and arrived near Hamburg around 10 am. If you ever have a whole day for shopping you might want to check out the shop Kleidermarkt (Max-Brauer-Allee 174, Hamburg). I only had about 1,5h and only checked out the cheap dresses. They only make about 5 or 10% of the whole stock! It was amazing. They have everything from clothes to shoes to hats, all from the 40s to 90s. I went home with 2 dresses for 5€ each.

I think this might be from the 70s but looks perfectly fine for earlier decades. I have to give it a gentle re-dye as the colour´s faded. Pictures of the second one in action are below.
On Saturday we made a trip to Buxtehude. The town´s really nice, old architecture, maritime flair and all. The weather wasn´t that nice at all. Rather cold, windy and rainy once in a while.

Here´s the second dress. And my party face. I have to improve my modeling.

It´s got short sleeves
On Sunday we dressed up all fancy for the confirmation. It was even colder than the days before and I was glad I took my heavy coat with me. Although I felt a bit overdressed compared to some.

Duck face on purpose, the Mr.s looked even sillier!
dress: Orsay
necklace: vintage
shoes: Deichmann
coat: vintage

We came back home yesterday evening after 4 days of uncomfortable sleeping, massive in-laws-overload and way to much food. I was welcomed by a little package in front of my door that contained the cutest vintage pumps. I was so excited that they had finally arrived. Turns out they are to narrow :( I´ll show them in my next post as I´ll sell them to someone who can actually wear them.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Around the interweb

Yesterday I found some interesting things that I thought I´d share with you. They are all about DIY and especially nice for people who are on a budget (like me, sigh).

The first one is a link that takes you to an online archive of "Les dimanches de la femme", a french womens magazine that includes fashion and (here comes the interesting part) crafting. Some magazines contain small pattern schemes for dresses (that I don´t understand yet), some knitting instructions and some tell you how to make your own hats. And that is quite awesome, me thinks!

Next I wanted to show you a series of videos I found on youtube, on the channel of Threadbanger:

1. How to make your own felt beret.

2. How to make your own body form. (Dear Mr. Yeti, I´m sorry but you´ll have to cover me in tape soon... I´ll do it and then show the results.)

3. How to make hat molds. OMG I so want to try this! But first I need to find a hat I can do this to...

That´s it for now, I hope you enjoyed it :)