Friday, October 28, 2011

I ignore Halloween

...but it gives me the right reason to show you this picture:

I know nothing about it, it is part of grandma´s family album and I don´t want to rip it out to check if there´s something written on the back. I think the 2nd girl on the right is my great-grandmother, but I´m not sure about that. But if it´s her then the picture was probably taken in the early to mid 30s.
That´s all I have to offer for "Don´t-you-dare-ringing-my-doorbell-day" ;).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No shopping? Yeah, right...

Let´s just forget what I said last time, ok? I just wanted to take a look. How could I know they got new old stuff? Right, I couldn´t. And I couldn´t risk leaving it all in the shop. So I did what I had to do: Buy it! 8€ all together.

50s fit, yellow, awesome.

This one needs a good dye job.

It´s a shawl. But I´ve seen carpets smaller
than this thing. Please note the closet and boxes
to get an idea of the size.

I think they are cranes.
 I also bought 3 skirts that looked all blah in the photos and a piece I´d like to call "the mysterious chubby hunchback dress". I don´t know what happened to this one and I can´t date it properly. For a second I thought it was a maternity dress or something, but then again that didn´t make to much sense either. Here´s the problem:

It fits around the bust and the shoulders. The waist is waaaaaay to large and the belt that comes with the dress is even larger than the waist of the dress. It´s dangling around. On the other hand, the straps for the belt are just below the bust. WTF? Maybe I´ll manage to make a picture of me wearing it tomorrow.
The shoulder pads are huge and make me believe it´s from the 40s. So do the little press buttons everywhere and especially the belt. On the other hand I´m not sure when plastic buttons popped up in Germany.

Any ideas, anyone?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Window shopping, hair and a little gift

As I´m nearly broke at the moment I didn´t do any shopping during the last two weeks or so. But I met with a friend the other day just for some chatting and looking through shops I rarely go to anymore. Said friend brought me a gift from her trip to Austria. Just a very small piece, but totally cute:

We then went to check out H&M were I saw this big fake fur jacket that reminded me of pictures if the 40s. I was never a fan of the boxy-all-fur-look, but I put it on. Let´s just say we had a good laugh, ok? I felt like Sasquatch.


Later we entered Pimkie. I cannot remember if I ever bought something there. I guess not. But that day I stumbled upon a jacket I fell in love with. Just a little bit. This one:


I´m not conviced of the belt, without that it´s absolutely lovely. The price (46€) is way more than I´m willing to pay for something that was produced for the price of a sandwich, though. Maybe I´m lucky and I will get one on sale one day? I think it would look great with a pair of wide pants and brogues.

Talking about wide pants, do you already know this great tumblr: Giant pants of the '30s?

Also, talking about brogues, I treated myself with a pair of new heeled brogues earlier this month and didn´t share them yet:


Possibly the most comfortable heels I own and Mr. Yetis grandma commented on them as follows:
"I had a pair just like that back then. They were wonderful." I´m gonna replace the laces with silk ribbons as soon as I´ve got some money left.

And now, after all the wonderful polished pictures, be prepared for a mobile phone quality hair photo:

I had to learn that my hair needs at least 10 hours to set properly, or else it looks like that. I rescued it with a front roll thing and some more pinning on the sides.

Right now I´m looking forward to the vintage design flea market on the 6th of November, so I guess I won´t be spending any money till then. Well, maybe one or two cheap pattern magazines on ebay ;)

Girl groups

I felt it was time for another look at the family album. This time it´s all about the ladies.
The woman in front with the kid is my great-grandmother, Karls wife.
She appears in most of these pictures. Rumors say that she wasn´t the
nicest of women.

Looks like it was taken on the island of Rügen.

So this is where my love for big fur collars
comes from? I just noticed the similarity.

The lady on the far left is grandma.

Heavy smokers. Grandma and her mother.

Grandpa´s mom is the charming lady on the left in the front.

Grandma on the left.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knitting, blah!

Just the other day I realised that I don´t have a matching scarf for my new coat. So I grabbed all my magazines and tried to find something nice and quick, as I had another scarf for Mister Yeti flying around that takes way to much time to do. This is what I ended up with:

taken from Frauenhilfe 12/1950

I decided to go for the one on the bottom as it looks quite simple to make without being boring. Now for the yarn. I thought that black would be best to match the coat and the hats I already own, but I had to realize that I don´t have anything close to that. Instead I went with a white yarn I originally bought for a summer sweater. So far it looks like this:

I´m happy with how it looks, I also like the colour, but who came up with the idea of knitting a scarf with a 2.5mm needle? It would be ok if I had started this one in summer but in October? I´m a sloooooow knitter and I feel a bit stressed now, thinking that winter´s just around the corner.
Also, there is this other scarf, that slowly kills me:

My first knitting project. Dr. Frankenstein would be proud of my experiment. Full of mistakes and made of two different shades of blue because I suddenly realised that I don´t have enough of the yarn I started with. I have to say that I got nearly all my yarn from my m-i-l´s huge collection and when I  first started this one I was totally convinced that I have enough yarn for it. Little did I know that brioche stitch would need so much yarn... And then, suddenly, something strange happened. I don´t know how I did it, I didn´t even notice until a few days later:

What the...? Seriously, I slowly start hating this project. It takes forever, it looks all messy and once in a while I´m tempted to unravel it and knit some stockinette stitch scarf where nothing can go wrong. Only the time I already spent on it and the Yeti (who doesn´t seem to care about the mistakes) keep me from doing that. But one thing is for sure: I´m gonna dye this whole thing black as soon as it´s finished!

I´m off to do some more satisfying illustration work and hope everyone´s having a nice day :).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mein Alles 21/1937

Today I found something lovely in my mailbox...and instantly ruined the cover. Yay clumsy me! I feel horribly bad about it as the picture was nice and in such a good condition. Oh well. Anyways, this one is a german magazine from 1937, so I don´t feel too comfortable sharing most of the content, but I wanted to show you the fashion it contains. And the best part of it is, that all the outfits shown are contained in the pattern that comes with it. And it even has more clothes on the pattern than the magazine shows. I´m so happy I won this on ebay as it is my first 30s magazine and was a real bargain. I was the only bidder for it.

I feel so bad about that...

The magazine comes with an insurance that will pay in case of a death
by accident or just bad injuries and on the bottom you can check how
much other peoples relatives were paid after the persons death and how
the person had died. Quite...interesting.

While scanning I noticed an interesting credit for the
photography: Yva. She was a jewish photographer living and
working in Berlin and was killed in a concentration camp
in 1942(?).You can read something about her on  this blog.
If you are interested in a translation of the knitting instructions
don´t hesitate to ask.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fritz Langs "Die Nibelungen"

Thanks to the french-german TV station ARTE you can watch a completely restored version of the silent movie classic "Die Nibelungen" (1924) by Fritz Lang online. It was aired yesterday and will be available online for 7(!) days. The settings and costumes are breathtaking and it even has some nice special effects considering its age.

Click here for Part I: Siegfried. You´ll find a link to the second part on the right side of the arte homepage.

I for my part am gonna watch it tonight as I was too tired to watch both parts from spending a whole day at a theme park yesterday. More on that as soon as I get some of the pictures that were taken.

Also I wonder if any of you have or had problems with commenting other peoples posts on blogspot? I do and feel sorry for not commenting on anyones blogs at the moment.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is it autumn yet?

I wonder what´s going on with the weather. Shouldn´t it be a bit colder? Maybe? I wish it was as I nearly melt under my berets right now. But never minding the weather I took care of my autumn/winter-wardrobe during the last week and bought myself a lovely coat I´ve been drooling over for quite a few months now:

It´s vintage, I´d guess 70s from the label, with an awesome fake fur collar that´s stiff enough to be turned into a stand-up collar if nessecary. It´s in nearly perfect condition and I got it for 26€! I was such a happy girl when I took this one home. Maybe I´ll change the buttons as they are a bit too much bling for my taste.
I also got the following:

The picture doesn´t show but they are a
lovely dark red. 1€
This is the matching skirt to the"spacy" jacket
I bought earlier. I was pretty excited to find it.
1€ as well.
I also bought a bit of fabric for a blouse I want to make. I´ve had an eye on it for some time now as I thought it would go well with a 50s design:

But sadly I still couldn´t figure out what´s wrong with my sewing monster machine. I gave it a good dose of oil, changed needles, experimented with yarn tension but all I get is this:

yellow = top yarn, blue = lower thread.
The top yarn is ripped constantly and the machine seems to eat it. What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?