Monday, September 19, 2011

Hat heaven

The original title to this post was Hat porn, but I didn´t want you to get a bad impression of me ;).
I searched around the interweb for vintage hats during my lunch break today because, I might have mentioned that, I LOVE vintage hats. I could drool over them for hours. Most of the time I find single pictures or maybe a nice Etsy shop but this time I stumbled upon this tumblr that made me go "Hell yeah!" and I thought I´d share this piece of awesomeness: Tarnished Past ~ Ladies' Antique and Vintage hats

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bunte Ultra-Hefte für Handarbeit und Wäsche Nr. 18

This one has no date given but I´m sure it´s post-war. All designs are made to use left-over wool. As you can see it has quite some damages but it still had it´s original patterns when I bought it last year.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Modenschau Nr. 340, 1941

It´s award time!

Susan of Susans Diary - Vintage style meets heavy music nominated me for an award. How cool´s that? Thank you very very much! There it is:

Here are the rules:

- Thank and link the person who nominated you.
- Share seven random facts about yourself.
- Pass the award to twelve of your blogging buddies.
- Notify the recipients.

The random facts:
1. I hate when things get wet, like the packaging of tooth paste (that´s the worst!) or fruits and vegetables.
2. I´m a headbanger. It might sound ironically to some, but Metal is the only kind of music that gives me the feeling of butterflies in my stomach and that is accepted on my mp3 player. I especially love 80s Thrash and oldschool Death Metal.
3. I earn my money by drawing things. Awesome!
4. I love bright coloured hair.
5. Most of the time I´m a typical kid of the coast. Not very talkative, deadpan humour, veeeeeeery relaxed.
6. I´ve got a fascination for vintage crime and enjoy detective stories from the middle ages to the 50s.
7. Some people think I´ve got a negative attitude because I have a very clear idea of what I like and what not and don´t hesitate to refuse something.

And the nominees are:

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It´s friday so all I can say is enjoy your weekends!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The DIY Middy

As mentioned in my last post I grabbed my scissors last weekend and, following the instructions by C-Dot, ended up with something like a longer middy. Until today I was a bit scared that I had done something wrong as none of my sets turned out ok, but after putting my hair in pin curls for nearly 24 hours I was relieved this morning:

Before I did any brushing. A lovely bouncy mess.
Also before breakfast, thatswhy no lipstick.

The back, also before brushing. It really has a u-shape. I wasn´t
sure before I took the picture.

All brushed and styled and filled with oat flakes ;).
Conclusion: If you want the middy look without spending much money then diy is your way. There´s little chance that you ruin anything. I can say that because I shouldn´t use any sharp objects at all because it mostly ends with blood everywhere and I still managed to get it right obviously. I also took pictures of it right after the cut but 2 days ago my laptop spontaneously decided to delete itself and everything I did over the last weeks was gone into nowhere...including lots of work stuff that I now have to do all over again to get everything done in time...meep.

Enjoy your weekends, ladies!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This sunday is hatday

It´s been flea market sunday again and it seems that I´ll need a proper storage solution for my growing hat collection sooner or later. So far I´ve been hanging them on the wall mostly. Also, why is it that all my hats are either black or navy? I wish I´d come across a green one once. But alll in all I can´t complain, I made some nice finds:

The magazines were 3€ together, both from 1953 incl. sewing patterns,
the book´s from 1934 and cost 2€.

Well, it´s not green, but brown´s not that bad
either. Needs some major love before it´s
wearable again, though. Cost me 4€.

It´s my party face, woooh! 8€ for that hat.

Detail of the above.

The inside needs to be fixed but I couldn´t resist.
It makes me feel so noir-ish. But maybe that´s because
I´m reading Chandler at the moment. Cost me 7€.

Bow detail.

"Polly needs a cake. A whole cake!" 2€
You cannot tell by the pictures, as todays weather was horribly humid, but yesterday I tried to cut myself a middy following these instructions by C-Dot. I´m still not sure wether I did a good job or not, as both my pincurl sets turned out rather messy. I have to change my standard setting pattern it seems. Or maybe I have to shorten the back a little more? i´ll experiment with it.
Also I bought another hat a few days ago but was to lazy to photograph and upload it. Et quelle surprise, it´s blue!

I hope you ladies had a fantastic weekend!